|| beauty inside and out || with occasional banshee like screams
|| had our first family laker game last Friday || one of my best laker experiences ever
|| jamey || foot model (at Ventura Beach Pier.)
|| one more || up and down (at Los Robles Golf Course)
|| back nine || dad_eo par for the course (at Los Robles Golf Course)
|| love my girl
|| mt. hood (at Mt Hood Meadows)
|| black bird
|| one thing you know is the sun will set and rise everyday || everything in between is an adventure (at Santa Rosa Back Roads)
|| handcrafted  (at Handsome Coffee Roasters)
|| the farm (at Santa Rosa Back Roads)
|| my buddy || the path is lit
|| new growth (at Santa Rosa Back Roads)
|| happy birthday to my best friend || so thankful we met 15 years ago   (at Raj Path Nepal)
|| reflections of me || the good and bad  (at Ventura Pier)